Pickens Animal Rescue

Pickens Animal Rescue phone number: 706-253-5383

Pickens Animal Rescue, Inc. is the parent organization of Pickens Animal Rescue Veterinary Hospital. Founded in 1997, Pickens Animal Rescue continues to offer an alternative for our citizens finding homeless or unwanted dogs and cats in our community. Being a 501c3 non-profit GA corporation, we survive from personal donations as well as grants awarded each year. PAR is not affiliated with any government entity but are governed by a 5 member Board of Directors. A copy of our policy on euthanasia is found on the Pickens Animal Rescue website as well as our statistics on spay/neuters and pet adoptions throughout the past several years.

The outstanding volunteers of Pickens Animal Rescue work together through fund raising events, fostering pets, working at pet adoptions, picking up donations, answering the help line, toting animals to/from vet appointments and working at our Pickens Animal Rescue Thrift Store. It requires a lot of hours to maintain the care and funding needed to house approximately 70 dogs and 30 cats on any given day throughout the year.

Our dogs and cats are kept until a permanent home can be found and we don’t euthanize just to make room or because the animal has been with us for any certain period of time. We are very proud of our adoption statistics and the many families we have been given a chance to work with in selecting their new family pet.

The Rescue Ranch in Talking Rock was purchased in 2003 to house the many dogs and cats that we care for since there is never enough foster homes available. The Rescue Ranch offers a comfortable, well maintained, friendly environment for the animals and potential families wanting to visit the pets. Our staff takes great pride in the care of the animals, 7 days a week, every day of the year! The 6 acres of land houses 5 separate play yards for the dogs and the cats enjoy and indoor/outdoor play area as well. The whelping room is critical to the care of nursing mother dogs and the health of their puppies.

Our website shows not only photos of our pets available for adoption, but also many views of the ranch itself. Please take a few minutes to visit us on-line at http://www.pickensanimalrescue.org